Monday, February 28, 2011


matt and i booked our flights back to florida! we leave may 27th. we decided to go ahead and buy the tickets now because my visa expires on june 6th and gotta get outta here before then. the school that i work for is trying to get me to extend my visa, but i'm ready to come home then. it sucks because their school year here ends at the end of june and i'm leaving a month early, which is obviously disappointing to them. what am i going to do? nothing. i'm not going to spend any more money on extending anything. i've had it up to HERE with some things and am looking forward to being back in florida, if only temporarily.

anyone have a room for rent? haha... just looking. i think i'll be going back to my old job at the seagate doing massage again. let's hope the season isn't slow when i return.

things i'm excited for:

  • to see my kisa after a long 10 months! i hope she loves me the same. 
  • my mom. 
  • yokohama sushi. BEEN CRAVING YOU.
  • haterade. why do i want you so bad when i barely drank you in the first place?
  • while i'm at it i'll just name all the junk i can't wait to have just cause i can... reeses, snickers, oreos, doritos, cheetos. why?
  • the beach. need to get my tan on.
  • eruch, iam. my bros.
  • dates everywhere with matt.
  • friends. girl time. christalyn.
  • sandals.
  • driving while listening to music. even though i won't have a car(does anyone have a car i can borrow?)
  • family. all of them. really.
  • planning our road trip to find out where we will live next.
  • being legal. all the time.
  • making in a day what i make in a week here. $$$
  • publix subs. chipotle. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

oven roasting veggies!!

i want it all

trouble ohhhh trouble

yeah, i have cat stevens "trouble" stuck in my head. i'm down in the dumps today.

so... we went to bratislava, slovakia yesterday to pick up our visas from the embassy. woke up at 6am, got on a bus at 7am, got in at 11am... you can't go inside the embassy until 1:30pm... so we just walked around and then got a coffee in a cafe and read. finally we go to the embassy and wait an hour to get our visa sticker in our passports. we all applied for a long term visa which is for OVER 90 DAYS and assumed that it would go atleast until our contract for our work or our apt. lease(june 15th). nope. atleast not for  sara and i. she got 68 days, i got 103, and matt got 114. random. we all applied at the same time and we all live together. and sara and i work for the same school! why did she get such a short amount of time? who knows how the hell they decide these things. i'm just so pissed we have to pay our lawyer the full amount after all she's messed up. our school won't even help us when they are the ones that recommended her to us. 

(oh... and then we had lunch at 2:30, walked around some more, and then got on a bus at 6pm and arrived back in prague at 10pm.... got in the metro station to see lots of cops and chaos due to a woman falling/jumping(?)into the metro tracks as it was coming... therefore it shut down. as we were turning around, a bunch of ticket inspectors were checking for tickets... my opencard(transport pass)expired the day before, so i had to pay 700czk (35 dollars)!!! great ending to a long day of travel.)

europe makes you have health insurance. well, our school won't help us with it when they said they would when they hired us... so we are now getting another 3 months worth just to prove we have it. once you get your visa, they give you 3 days to go to the foreign police and register your visa with them. so that's where we're going tomorrow. not making any money. just spending it.

sometimes i don't understand this country. they denied our friend emily a visa and now she has to leave her job and her boyfriend behind within a week to go back home. 

i could go on a rant for a while, but i won't. or i will. haven't made up my mind. my fingers are doing all the work. 

AND i had a massage today! i didn't get to relax after it liked i planned, instead i had to run around town getting health insurance and spending money on an undeserving lawyer. sometimes we wonder is this all worth the stress? should we just go home now? i really don't know at this point. 

ok i think i'm done. look at pretty pictures in slovakia:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

the four agreements

lotus flower

the new radiohead album came out this weekend. i am so pleased. i really have been waiting a long 4 years for new sounds from them. they are one of those bands that fails at failing. they never cease to amaze me.

this weekend was yet another lazy one. this damn weather, man. feels like 7' right now? ugh. anyways, i managed to get my game on today(bowling & foosball). we also started the day off by making some insanely good whole wheat pancakes. ADD CINNAMON. mmm!

after breakfast we went to a nice little creative writing group. i didn't share any writing because... well lemme face it... i haven't written anything worthy of sharing in over 4 years i think. i left it all back home in florida stored away in boxes with all my other 'art' and 'books' i've collected over time.

we managed to fit in a date nite which wasn't long overdue persay, but i don't think we've gone out to dinner alone in a while. it was nice... ate scrumptious food over lovely conversation.(matt taught me about what order the wars happened. revolutionary, war of 1812, civil war... that's as far as we got. i just can't remember history or anything of that kind of importance very well in this brain of mine)... haha... god, he pop quizzes me and i never reply with what he wants to hear! shit, i gotta brush up.


-cucumber salad with dill and toasted sesame seed dresing.
-stuffed peppers with spicy cheese

what was left of our coal fired pizza

my "sundae sweetie" and matt's man sundae.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


i'm pretty sure this is perfect.

oh, how i'd match every outfit to you.


yeah, i might be obsessed. emily dorff, you did a very bad thing. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

andy warhol and cupcakes

on wednesdays both matt and i are out of work by 1, so today we made some delicious grilled cheeses for lunch and then headed off to see the andy warhol exhibit. 

it was actually quite a small exhibit, but
here are some of my favorite peices(click to see bigger):

people keep writing about cupcakes on facebook. it has been a while since i've had one, so i searched on the internet, and the only bakery that had cupcakes in my search was bakeshop, so i figured we'd stop by. 

then we went bookshopping:

and then to the post office to pickup a sweet package that contained:
thin mints and journals from bowman and jules <3

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

miluju tě

our first vday together 2010. i can't believe a year has already gone by...

 he knows just what i love                                                [blood] orange juice

i came home from work to find a romantic candlelit room and set up table from matt. 
i wasn't sure if we were going out or not, but to my surprise, he decided that we'd make dinner together since he knows how much i love spending time with him while cooking. 

pounded chicken and crusted it with flour, egg, and a mixture of fresh parsley, garlic,  lemon zest, crackers, and butter.
(a recipe by jamie oliver)
roasted [organic] potatoes with fresh rosemary, garlic, olive oil, s&p
(and made a side dip of sourcream w/ lemon zest and chives.)
sauteed [organic] green beans with onions, garlic, and tamari. 

final product... everything turned out equally delicious. 

AND we have a lot of leftovers. 


hope you all had a lovely valentines day. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

little details

a model of prague. i love this little city.