Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

kinetic sculpture

the time has come

if you've been following my blog since the beginning, or if you've known me for the past 6 years... you'd know i've been interested in learning american sign language. after all the talk and no walk, i finally applied to a school and started ASL1 on friday. i don't have too much to say yet, but i love my teacher. she is super nice and enthusiastic. nothing beats that in a teacher. there are about 20 or so students and i'd say only about a 4th of them want to go forward through and become interpreters. i'm still unsure, but that's good enough for me.

our first class we went through fingerspelling(the alphabet) and our next class we will have a quiz on the letters. our teacher, nancy, will visually show us each letter in random and we have to write down which one it is.

i so look forward to being able to communicate through my hands, and meet people with my experience in the deaf community! there are a lot of tasks ahead of me... including writing papers :) we also have a deaf tutor on fridays before class that we communicate with!

so excited!


my brother leif never ceases to amaze me. 


quiona white bean feta burgers with truffle parmesan potatoes

chicken udon noodle soup

peach strawberry banana mango yogurt smoothie

cantaloupe + basil= YUM

fresh tomatillo, jalopeno, spinach, lime pesto


what do you think...

basil boats

from me to you

i was having a hard time deciding what to do for matt's birthday.... the tropical storm was on its way so i had to plan smart. i think matt was pleased with how the day went....

i added some delicious strawberries to vanilla bean icecream and wallah...fresh strawberry icecream!

i took matt to 50 ocean for brunch. 

he seemed happy 

bday drinks

beef carpaccio and lobster bisque

smoked salmon blt 

beach time

it was soooo windy

coffee break at spot

batman in IMAX

blue crabs at riggins!

matt's first crab experience

 and his first show with ribbon dancer at respectables for their 25th anniversary

prada amber cologne, bamboo earbuds, and a marlins cup for presents

Monday, August 20, 2012

what's new with you?

my life as of late:

  • getting to know my nephew jack. he's 34 days old and he's decided to join us in the world now and is really opening his eyes. i love him. 
  • i've been caught up in applying for ONE class at ghetto broward college. they just keep surprising me with paperwork and random things that are giving my nerves a hard time. i start my first ASL class this friday. praying that it's for me and ready to have a new challenge in my life.
  • works been picking up. really trying to grow my private clientele for massage. support my facebook page by liking it! 
  • i need to get back on my cooking game; i recently made eggplant parm and chicken udon soup... nothing new. 
  • matt starts grad school today. time to get used to a whole new work week and school schedule! 
  • his birthday is this saturday... scheming up a surprise day!
  • and the one thing i'm most excited about coming up... a day trip to naples JUST to stock up on trader joe's food. it's sad that the closest one is 2 hours away. 
  • that's it. maybe one day soon i'll keep this blog updated, with my favorite thing.... recipes! 
  • always remember- shit happens.
love you,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

it has been a month

i really just haven't been keeping my blog up to date. i went to colorado 3 weeks ago to visit my sister and friends--- here are 30 photos out of the 800 i took.

we hiked and played and ate and it was beautiful. it was my  first time in colorado during the summer and it's such a different place when it's green instead of white. 


mani's backyard

collecting flowers

morning tea in the 50's

beaver creek golf course that matt got to play

megan and jerome visiting from belgium



minturn farmers market

delicious food at vin48

gore range brewery

vail village

corn soup amazement at mani's restaurant splendido at the chateau in beaver creek

love at first hold

camping along side the river 

white water rafting on scotty's boat

relaxing at mani's

backyard barn

swinging in the colorado sun

lastnite in denver at rio grande