Monday, August 20, 2012

what's new with you?

my life as of late:

  • getting to know my nephew jack. he's 34 days old and he's decided to join us in the world now and is really opening his eyes. i love him. 
  • i've been caught up in applying for ONE class at ghetto broward college. they just keep surprising me with paperwork and random things that are giving my nerves a hard time. i start my first ASL class this friday. praying that it's for me and ready to have a new challenge in my life.
  • works been picking up. really trying to grow my private clientele for massage. support my facebook page by liking it! 
  • i need to get back on my cooking game; i recently made eggplant parm and chicken udon soup... nothing new. 
  • matt starts grad school today. time to get used to a whole new work week and school schedule! 
  • his birthday is this saturday... scheming up a surprise day!
  • and the one thing i'm most excited about coming up... a day trip to naples JUST to stock up on trader joe's food. it's sad that the closest one is 2 hours away. 
  • that's it. maybe one day soon i'll keep this blog updated, with my favorite thing.... recipes! 
  • always remember- shit happens.
love you,

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