Friday, July 8, 2011

bike adventures

so i got myself a bike off craigslist a few days ago. it's a jc higgins from the 60's... or that's what the guy who sold it to me said. i like it, but i'm really not a bike hipster like all my friends. i mean... i haven't ridden a bike consistently since i was a kid. i get nervous and i feel like i don't know all the rules. silly, but true. i went out today around my neighborhood, a few cross streets over federal and then just a down few blocks on atlantic avenue. i stopped along the way and took some pictures.

nerd alert.

our pretty street with luscious trees

nice big houses

stopped here for a nice lil view of the intracoastal

the christian scientist church

i plan on taking more rides around... it's something to do, you get a nice breeze... and a little exercise. looking forward to letting go of the nerves, riding over the bridge, and cruising down a1a along the beach. :) 

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Julien Robi said...

I love the bike! Keep on riding Eve! The summer has been gorgeous here so far and I do ride my bike every day to go to work :) Ju