Tuesday, September 21, 2010

lemon leaf

i have another job. i tutor veronicka(4.5) and denver aka denny(6) at their house once a week. they're pretty cute. i met them today and spent an hour and a half with them and their mom. i showed them a picture of my kitty kisa, whom i miss way too much. they got out their stuffed cats(possibly beanie babies) and we compared real and fake. i like real better. their attention span is really... short to say the least. but they're cute. i guess that's all that matters.

we're going to berlin on friday for 3 days...

ohhhh europe. i love you. and when matt plays his new guitar.

now on to homemade fruit smoothies, listening to our roomies watch home alone 2, and watching pirated mad men.

swooning all the way to bed....

Monday, September 20, 2010

the globe

cesky krumlov

so, i am now in prague. i've been here for almost 2 months. i love it. i finished the oxford tefl course, and i'm certified to teach english to foreigners. it was the most stressful 5 weeks of my life. i have been sick for the past 2 weeks... probably because of the stress.

jobs- i work as a nanny all day on wednesdays for a 10 month old(stella) and 3 1/2 year old(emma). on thursdays i also nanny for an 8 year old(ted) and an 11 year old(bara)... i am continuing my search for a teaching job. it seems easy to get jobs under the table here, but i want my visa so i can live here and travel across the border legally. i've interviewed at two preschools so far but the first one was extremely disorganized and wouldn't help with a visa. the second one needed me monday through friday and that's an issue considering i'm not free everyday. it's a tough market out there... just hoping my day will come with a visa soon before my time is up. you can only technically stay without a visa in the czech republic for up to 90 days. i'm over my half way mark, so wish me luck.

living arrangements- we signed a 10 month lease. our apartment is beautiful. it is in the best location. you can walk to a lot of shops and restaurants. it's also close to the trams and metro. our room is big and full of light and high ceilings. we've had a lot of people visiting. arianne and krystal are here right now for about a month. it's nice to have close friends here.

food-there are a ton of great places to eat. czech food is weird. i guess a lot of pork and potatoes. you can find all cuisines though.

this past weekend we went to cesky krumlov. it's south of prague. i posted a ton of photos on my facebook.

:) happiness ensues.