Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1 month away

(the ideal place to live should look like this)
unfortunatly, i'm starting to get really melancholy about moving back to the states. today hits 1 month before we head back to florida, my forever grounding-point, i guess. it seems like it's the place to "get back on my feet". still not sure where we're going to be living. i'd love to just straight up find a place for just the two of us. that would be most ideal in my world. but i guess we may settle for a room for rent, depending on who we'd be living with. picky me--- but i'm a homebody, so i like to be surrounded by people i'm comfortable around (or just my cat).  so if anyone is reading this and knows of a place for a couple that is people and/or cat-friendly, let me know ;)

i'm really going to miss europe... being so central has been incredible. i can't believe it's been 9 months already... i'm so fortunate for this experience here. i'm kind of hoping to look at florida as if i were a tourist when i get back. i need to make it more exciting, and less mundane sounding. we're going to find places we've never been before and try to appreciate it for as long as i can... whether we're there for 6 months... or 2 years. we're kind of talking a lot about school right now. i want to (finally) go to school for ASL and matt wants to go for his masters in history. and the fact that we're residents of FL obviously means it'll cost less $$$. and that usually helps out a decision, sadly. i don't really want to be tied down to a FL school for 2+ years, but it's a possibility. we'll see. we keep throwing all the west coast states out there... oregon, california.. swoon. i want to go to there.

now it's time to really think. time is flying by. where to live? need a car. can't wait to see my friends!!! ohhh, but prague, i'll miss you so much! your parks and your prices! some of my adorable students. the trams! our beautiful bedroom... the river. the castle views. the fried cheese. sighhh.

  • 9 days until paris,
  • 22 days until my mom is here and i teach my l a s t class,
  • 30 days until we fly back home.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

actors in character

Left: You are sneaking a peek, in the middle of the night, at your sweet new boyfriend's computer … and discovering e-mails to and from his three current "other" girlfriends. Center: You are a Park Avenue matron, paying your husband a surprise visit at his office and discovering him on the couch in flagrante delicto with his secretary. Right: You are a disoriented homeless woman being arrested for loitering.

Left: You're a man whose daughter has been missing for two months. You've been called in by the police to identify the body of a young murder victim. The sheet is pulled back … and the victim isn't your daughter. Center: You're a boy at a freakish carnival, watching a pierced performer munch live cockroaches. Right: You're a 14-year-old girl who's just opened her 18-year-old sister's bedroom door to find her having sex with her boyfriend.

Left: You're the surly 14-year-old son of a single mother, steeling yourself as she awkwardly, haltingly begins a belated and unnecessary "birds and bees" talk. Center: You're at your daughter's college graduation, and the pretty classmate of hers that you've been secretly ogling has just said, "Mr. Lefkowitz, you can't be 58—you're too cool!" Right: You're the valedictorian of your high-school class, having just been introduced to give the speech of your young life—and your mind has gone completely blank.

 Left: You're Adam, a five-year-old boy sneaking your pet rat into your seven-year-old sister's underwear drawer. Center: You're Lacey, the seven-year-old sister, having just opened the drawer. Right: YYou're Adam, hiding in Lacey's closet as she screams, "Adaaaaaam!!!"

Left: You're a priest in a hardscrabble factory-town parish, listening to your brother's son confess that he has killed a man. Center: You're a gangsta rapper being informed by a haughty bouncer that you are not on the list. Right: You're a six-year-old who has skinned his knee in the playground, waiting to cry until your mom gets off her cell phone.

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harry potter/wtf

i found this to be hilarious, even though i've neither seen a harry potter movie nor read the books.

laugh out loud.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


i might be making another post... about the salad i just made that we're going to be eating shortly.

i made that cilantro dressing yesterday which there wasn't much left of.... and decided to throw together some new dressing to add to it. i put into the blender; fresh dill, fresh parsley, chives, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper... blend blend blend.. and whallah(is that how you spell whallah?)... a beautiful salad dressing... and then i decided mix up some chickpeas with olive oil and some salt and pepper and throw 'em in the oven to get all crispy...

matt helped along the way by grating some carrots and some parmesan cheese...

and inside the big bowl of salad there is; shredded carrots, black olives, celery, radishes, cucumber, tomatoes, red pepper, and a mix of greens(baby spinach, arugula, and swiss chard)...

i am about to enjoy this... my favorite food of all time... MMMMM!

nothing is better than a weekend like this

hi, i'm back. it hasn't been too long. i'm on my way to recovery from a flu. i couldn't have asked for better weather for this weekend... and to top it off, monday is off for easter holiday here in the czech republic! did i mention it's a 5 day weekend, actually? thursday, friday, and monday all of my students are off for easter. this isn't something to complain about. my wallet is the only sad one.

our house is empty, too! everyone is away. so that's been nice, too. just me 'n matty boo.

on friday we found a nice little place to drink some beer and take in the sun. and eat cheese.

then we came back home to our lovely bedroom with the windows open... doing laundry and being so giddy about the weather. we spent the nite in making dinner & watching some episodes from the awesome series downton abbey, that my friend emily recommended to us. 


on saturday we went to the farmers market that was located along the riverbank. we tasted delicious samples of bread and oils and dips... and drank a local beer and ate some grilled fish. purchases- parmesan cheese, olive oil from spain, and potatoes. not a lot... but a beautiful time spent sitting enjoying the sun with our friends paul & emily. we planned a dinner at our place later on for that evening... of course i couldn't make up my mind, but in the end stuck with my original plan... we made amazing roasted garlic & parmesan fries. and i found a great oriental market nearby that had fresh cilantro(kinda hard to come by in most stores in prague). so with the fresh cilantro i made a nice little whipped up homemade salad dressing in the blender with fresh chives, lemon juice, olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic and s&p. paul & emily brought over bean burgers they made and popped them in the oven with our fries. we drank some wine and ate the salad while we waited for dinner to be ready. i really enjoyed our meal. it went together well and the portions were perfect. :)

of course i'm no foodie photographer, i wish i had those skills...and a nice camera.


today matt and i awoke early... 8:45am! ew. matt was craving pancakes so we made our usual delicious homemade batter with whole wheat flour, vanilla extract, and cinnamon(and of course those other things) topped with mmm mmm maple syrup. they were ooooomy. and we drank apple juice. lately i've been craving apple juice. i dunno why. it's just so good.

after breakfast, we decided to finally go to this awseome gazebo that overlooks a local vineyard. so we headed there and i was sooo happy that we did. we tried a white wine and a red wine both from their vines. i really enjoyed the white... matt loved the red. and we shared a czech cheese plate with olives.
an old tram went by as we were waiting to get on our tram. so cuteee. i will miss europe so much!

the gazebo up top is where we sat.

the menu- notice how lush it is in season!

i'm sooo happy in the sun.

red wine time. pretending i liked it as much as the white...

how sweeeet it is to be loved by you!

now... matt is making me watch the heat game with him because he has no man around today to watch it with him. it's okay... i'm going to go make a big ass salad with that leftover dressing... and .... did i ever mention how horribly over priced icecream is here? good icecream? well haagen dazs just went on sale so i had to get some dulce de leche!!! so excited to indulge tonite. it has been a while.

the weekend isn't over yet... so stay tuned. maybe we'll have another wonderful day tomorrow.