Sunday, November 21, 2010

our little corner of the world

i just took a bubble bath. it was... just what i needed. i'm not thrilled that the weekend is coming to an end. why does it always have go so quickly? yesterday matt and i enjoyed some coffee at the globe and just chatted. then we made delicious indian vegetable curry and shared it with katelyn and drew. afterwards we went and had a drink at casa havana in our neighborhood. we had 2 hours of conversation about cookies. how badly we just wanted freshly baked cookies, but it was too late to buy the proper ingredients so we gave in and went to the nearby potraviny for cookies and chips galore. we had a feast in our bedroom.

it's quite depressing how it's dark by 4:30 now and how the cold weather is becoming bitter. we're supposed to  get "snow showers" by the end of the week. yeah- i'm from florida, but i lived in baltimore for 4 years and it was just as cold. but the colder it gets, the more depressing my wardrobe becomes. i know, that sounds lame, but it's true. lots of grays, dark blues, and blacks. i try to pop a pink cardigan in there sometimes. i wear boots almost everyday. i wish i could wear my flats, skirts and tank tops again. i gotta get used to it though cause this is just the beginning. it's not even winter yet! we just walked around zara wishing we could buy everything. and i got dasies. i love them.

i love flowers.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

visa update and such.

our lawyer applied for our long-term visas which will take at the most 2 months to process and receive. i am not thrilled about this, but apparently it was our only option since our 3 month stay was up. they didn't let us apply for our short-term visas because of this. atleast i think so. whatever, now we have a stamp in our passport that says it's in process, and i'm hoping that during any recent travel we won't get our passports checked(it's not often that you do when you stay in the schengen zone... 25 european countries) so we may be fine going to wherever we go during our holiday. i'm hoping to go to amsterdam, brussels, and nuremberg.... depends. gotta figure out what is best. it's that or poland, where some of sara's family reside.

today was a national holiday for the czech republic so we had off work. it was spent being very lazy for half of the day, and then we went and saw the social network, grocery shopping, and now? more relaxing.

x marks the spot

chemtrails are bad in prague(or in europe rather). i don't like. here are some photos i recently captured during the weekend.

Kings Of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You

i love this

Band of Horses - Dilly

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

melt is the word of the day

today we gave our lawyer our applications for our visas, the money, and passports. we signed some papers and things that were legit so all you worrierers stop your worrying. our only worry is that she'll go to bratislava tomorrow and something will go wrong. i hope not. i hope it all works out.

i gave a massage today. it has been about 4 months since i gave my last one. it was for my friend monicka. i teach her 2 little kids english. she does something called healing touch so we traded services. it was so relaxing. i need a massage though. my body aches and my feet hurt from all the cobblestone!

anyway. i seriously am so homesick it's awful. my sister mani is in florida right now for thanksgiving and whenever i call to try and talk to anyone i almost break down crying. i get all teary eyed, and it's hard to talk. i feel crappy. ugh. i'm in europe... what's wrong with me? 

no more meltdowns. these emotions need to leave.

dessert time at cafe louvre tonite