Monday, September 26, 2011

bahama mama cruisin weekend

hellooo. we got back from our cruise this morning. 3 day weekends go by way too fast, especially when you leave town. i'd say it was great fun. we got to eat, play games, see a lot of shows, and swim in the beautiful waters of the caribbean seaaaaaa. i thoroughly enjoyed it considering i never ever swim in the ocean here where i live. i took a lot of photos, so here is my... (yup you guessed it!)... photos with caption post! (in a very random order)

 well, first off, i had to get a pedicure on friday before the cruise. the last time i got one was before moving to prague. that's a mask on my legs. :) i went to my work to get one from the lovely vilma. i love french pedicures.

first hour on the boat we grabbed some pina coladas on the top deck and relaxed!

norwegian sky :) second day, margarita in hand

3rd day, in the bahamas(nassau) on cabbage beach. overcast was almost nonstop, sadly. but we got a couple hours of sun each day. it was nice and breezy.

                                            being on the front of the boat is amazing :)


great stirrup cay private island

                                                  ryan decided to take our prom photo

played shuflfle board
 brought a conch shell home :)

towel bunny

margarita and a beautiful view=heaven  :)

just photo takin

matt's grandmother turned 85. that's why we went on the cruise! she's so great. crowned and all. and the funniest thing happened... the table next to us during dinner iced eachother and then iced our whole table. noni got iced, hah!

 bunny head photo shoot. :)

beautiful morning breakfasts with my love 

bahama port

 bahamian brews on the beach

come on storm, come and get me!

got my conch fritters :) we thoroughly enjoyed these!

last nite wine during the sunset

pina coladas and grill food sometimes just rules

matt was very happy. we partook in some ping pong, golf, shuffle board, and basketball. 

3 day cruises are just not enough, but it was awesome to get away. matt and i talked and now we are going to try for a 7 day cruise next! can't wait! oh yeah, and we never went parasailing... 70 dollars a person to be up in the air for 5 mins... we just couldn't fathom that.... but we're just going to find a place to do it here in florida or we'll go to the keys sometime soon!

the end, thanks for lookin!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


this man is so good looking. i'm thinkin he may beat out ryan gosling. uuuuuuuuuuuuh. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i want to go to thailand

it's incredible to me how beautiful this world can be.

"two wrongs don't make a right "-ellen

this is just good.


i just need a rake, and a lot of pearls. okay, maybe not the pearls... i have plenty of necklaces... but a lot of pearls couldn't hurt.

cats makes boxes cute.


my goals for this weekend

this weekend, we're going on a 3 day cruise to the bahamas, as i've said in a previous post. i've never been on one and i am so looking forward to relaxing and being a tourist(or a foreignerd). 

some of my desires for this weekend are;

  • going parasailing when we get off the cruise! i've only ever done this once with my brother leif when i was really young. 

  •  eating conch fritters on the island(we get off at nassau and great stirrup cay)... or a conch salad... my brother iam told me i must do this.  

  • seeing a show on the cruise.... hopefully a comedian! 
  • and of course hot tubbing, sunbathing, drankandeats!
hopefully this can all be accomplished.. & more!

Monday, September 19, 2011

pitcha post

tennis with the guys
rainbows happened

attempted risotto.. came out delicious

happy hour at the buddha sky bar with mom

made falafel and tabouli... not out of a box...

along with a yogurt cucumber dill dip

nuff said

tryin new things

my brother iam is always in the islands and gave me some bahamian money for our cruise this weekend!