Thursday, October 27, 2011

wednesday fun day

for this week matt and i decided on our day off together to make it super effing special. it seems like lately all we do is laundry and sit around and watch tv on our day off.. which in essence is totally fine, but we needed something different this wednesday. i wrote out a list and we didn't make any commitments or put any time constraint on anything on purpose so that there was no stress involved. it turned out great :)

  •  first we woke up early(  at 9 :D ) we went and got coffee and sat outside. we set up the table with newspaper and got our pumpkins and started cleaning them out. matt actually ended up doing all the artwork on the pumpkins. i'm just not an artist these days. i've got to give all the credit to him. he did awesomeee!

pretty cool right? an elephant and a bat :)

  • of course i ended up saving the seeds. we cleaned them off(not overly), let them dry overnight, and today i baked two different kinds up. i melted some butter and added salt and pepper to one batch. for the other i used butter, garlic powder, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, and red pepper flakes. they are sooo yummy. all you do is put them in the oven on 275 for maybe 30 minutes.... it depends on how crispy you like them and also on your oven. i didn't keep track of time, i just kept checking on them as soon as they starting having color. you can store them in an airtight container for up to a week... but i don't think they'll last that long :) 
  • after all the pumpkin madness we headed over to the green gourmet for some lunch. my dad recommended this place to me so i thought it would be nice to try something new out. it's really sweet inside. they have a ton of prepared fresh foods like chicken meatballs and eggplant parm sitting in its own skin :) it was all super beautiful. they have an oogave fountain soda machine with agave sweetener that are yummy and have free refills. i rarely drink soda(maybe once every few months) so it was a treat for sure. i had the ginger ale and the watermelon cream.

i ordered the baked falafel wrap. it was oh so filling and good. matt wanted the buffalo burger but they were all out so he just got a regular old burger. it tasted like it was full of grill flavor. and for a drink he got the fresh made juice that had cucumber, lime juice, mint, and apple in it.

  • after lunch we went to matt's mom and hung out with her and her doggie. it was nice catching up :)...
  •  thennnn we went to whole foods. our lovely one month outing. i told matt if i had a car i'd be there more often, but i guess it's good because i'd be out of money all the time.... 
  • we went home after whole foods to drop off our groceries, take a breather, change and headed out to play some tennis...
  • after tennis, we went to la bamba for some margaritas. that place is just so good and just what i love every so often. 

  • we got home a bit late... around 9... for dinner we pan seared some swordfish (that we got fresh from the delray green market) with blackened seasonings and sauteed some broccoli and called it a dinner. we didn't need much, those margaritas were filling... and of course the 2 baskets of chips and salsa. 

  • after dinner we watched a movie called cyrus which was pretty cute and slightly funny. :) definitely enjoyed it. the only thing we didn't do on the list was go to the driving range and i didn't practice driving(which is a-ok). friggen great day!
the end

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Christalyn Warner said...

I still can't get over this day! It was more than perfect.