Wednesday, February 22, 2012

south florida is standing with open arms

emily(who we met abroad in prague) came to visit her friend in north palm beach this weekend and decided why not stay with us for a few days as well...on saturday nite drew, matt, and i met up with her and her friend quinn at little munich in lake worth to drink some czech beer, catch up, and play a game of pool. was nice!

on monday emily took the tri-rail down to delray. i picked her up and we went and had some lunch outside since it was an absolutely beautiful day. then i headed to work. i got home around 8 and grabbed emily so we could go eat some dinner. food is life. i want to take her somewhere that had great food, so sweet water it was. then we went home and waited for matt and drew to get off their double shifts and hung out there for the rest of the nite. earlier in the day while i was at work, emily walked around atlantic ave. and ended up at coffee district where she bought 3 big beers for us all to share that nite.

on tuesday we went to brooklyn bagels for brunch(which is pretty awesome!) and then spent a couple of hours at a park reading some mags, playing some frisbee, and best of all.... relaxing. later on we ate some cheese fondue with drew and then proceeded to dada for some more food and drinks. another gorgeous weather nite in florida.... i hope it continues. after dada we went back home and drew and emily drew some silly things and we chilled drinking the last of the beer that emily got at coffee district for everyone.

this morning i dropped emily off at the train station. we made some breakfast, went to get my car tinted and whole foods for groceries, then came home to prep dinner. we marinated some wild sockeye salmon in maple syrup and soy sauce with garlic and ginger. and made a big salad with a homemade miso lemon dressing.  now we're at coffee district. matt is applying for grad school and i'm updating this thing. soon we're off to go play tennis and sprint and then it's dinner time.

onto                                     the                                   pictures    


brooklyn bagels serve iced coffee cubes.... best. 

delicious bagel 

potato pancake

coffee kegs?

park day

game nite... emily and drew are cwazy. 


egg frittata recipe
  • 1 large shallot
  • 1 small zucchini
  • 4 thin spears of asparagus
  • half a green bell pepper
  • feta, crumbled
  • raw sharp cheddar, chopped or grated
  • fresh dill and chives
  • jalapeno hot sauce 
  • butter/coconut oil 
  • 6 large organic eggs
  • salt/pepper

  1. preheat oven to '450f. 
  2. sautee veggies in butter and coconut oil for 5 minutes and then set aside on a plate.
  3. add whisked eggs into the same pan with some more butter and make sure to tilt the pan while using a spatula to take up the sides and getting rid of most of the liquid egg on top, about 5 minutes.
  4. put the veggies back on top off the egg and  some dashes of hot sauce
  5. put in the oven for about 5 minutes, then add the cheese and put back in for 1 minute or until puffy 
  6. sprinkle with fresh herbs
  7. slice up and enjoy with more jalapeno hot sauce!

kisa that cat

kisa photoshoot as follows:

oxoxxoxoxo forever. 

precious moments


kisa in my new vintage suitcase that i got from the retro indie fair in boynton. 

 a ceramic owl i dug up that i made a long long time ago.

earrings i got from the retro indie fair. 

 teaballs! we got these from cie's the last time we went... but sadly they closed down :( 


 organic turkey and beef meatballs

 val's birthday 

mandoline sliced avocado 

 delicious sandwiches 

 beach weather 

 deck 84 drinks after the beach

 an old frame i took off the side of the road 

 new boat shoes, my first pair

hangin' with nanny and eruch

matt, eruch, and i went to the track and met my dad to learn how to properly sprint.