Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012


age, sex, location?


i need a new path. thanks to a little catch up today with my friend emily dorff,  i started researching schools for ASL again( and i'm sick in bed, so why not do something...future related...???)

the schools i've found that support the interpretation degree are kind of sparse...

a few to list;

miami? ugh...
san diego...
portland, oregon...

there aren't a lot of options here in florida. the closest is miami, there's also tampa, jacksonville, st. pete, daytona beach, etc. but i don't think i want to live in any of those places. i'm quite picky, about everything. i basically need to find a school that has a 2 year program for an interpretation degree. not just a school that teaches you asl 1, 2, 3, 4...  to be honest, i really don't know anything about this field of study. i've never even taken a class on it, but it's been over 5 years now since i've thought about this as a career. strange, really, i have no backround, no reasons, nothing that led me to feel this interest. i keep talking to my grandma about it. she is pushing me constantly, telling me how unique it is, and how much she thinks i should just do it. 

i would like to move away from delray at some point... i always think of california, colorado, and oregon. i do have a boyfriend, though, so i can't make any rash decisions. we're both in this together, trying to get more of a future for ourselves and all of that grown up nonsense.

where to next? a good point emily made was... portland has the same street trams as prague. anything to remind me of prague is a plus in my book. they also have them in d.c. and seattle as well.

czech this out...

and this

my future. oh boy.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2nd year

matt and i were lucky enough to have our 2 year anniversary fall on our normal day off together. we took it easy- slept in, lounged around, ate lunch at lemongrass, then went to go see a few cars i've been interested in. i'm eyeing a couple volvos. it just so happens that leif owns a volvo, iam has a volvo,  christalyn too. and now i may just get a volvo. my sister mani has a subaru, eruch has a subaru.... i may just get a subaru. naw, i'm eyeing the volvo. it's old and big, but safe and cheap.

after checking out the cars, we went to see eruch and alica. they were watching a really creepy show on the OWN network about people who are addicted to.... things like eating glass and bullets. it was so messed up. after an episode of that, we went to whole foods. we decided we were going to make some homemade pizzas for dinner. classy.

matt got me tulips.... swoon. 

 lunch bento box at lemongrass. so filling, so cheap. 

our homeade whole wheat dough rising. we made it in the food processor. 

red peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, feta cheese, mozzarella, and red sauce on top of our thyme and rosemary dough. (before oven)

 we drank real champagne. it was tasty. 

red sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, garlic, arugula, and balsamic glaze. we also slathered the crust with olive oil and fresh parmesan cheese. 

we enjoyed a nice day spent together. 
no fuss. just love. 

leif's visit in pictures

i had such a lovely time this past week while my brother was in town from san francisco.

on wednesday morning leif picked me up and we went to bagels with! for some breakfast and caught up a bit.

later that day, i made some vegetable wontons for our family pot luck at my dad's. 
they were filled with kale, tofu, corn, onions, peppers, jalapeno, ginger, and garlic. it was my first time making these, but it was pretty easy. i just bought the wonton wrappers and stuffed them, used egg whites to press them closed, and then boiled them for 2 minutes. 

ready to be boiled

 all done :) and leif helped me with a dipping sauce that was made of siracha hot sauce, soy sauce, and toasted sesame oil. we also added a little bit of my moms homemade chicken soup broth to tone it down. 

iam and christalyn made a big salad

 my lovely 95 year old grandma wiping her mouth. 

the following day was leif's birthday which i already posted about. we went on a fun filled airboat tour and then walked around south beach and went out to dinner. 

friday nite, eruch and i went over to leif's friend sue's house in lake worth. he was cooking everyone dinner. (here he is frying flounder)

brooke and sue hanging out with sue's adorable scruffy dog. 

 this was heavenly. (from top clockwise; red cabbage, grapefruit, fennel, daikon radish salad, mashed brown butter celery root, soba noodles with shrimp, kale with maitake mushrooms, and fried flounder with meyer lemon and dill. )


shawna's children were too cute. they wanted to sit on my lap during the bonfire but got impatient while taking photos. jasmine has her hood covering her face because of the smokey bonfire. 

on saturday nite, leif and i went with my dad to city oyster for dinner. didn't capture any photos this time.

on sunday, we all went out for lunch at deck 84. we shared many things including this nova flatbread.

on monday, we had the pleasure of going over to my mom's and eating a meal made by leif once again. we're soooo lucky!

 pean seared scallops, avocado salad with dill, collard greens with maitake mushrooms, and garlic noodles with marjoram and thyme. 

can you tell our lives are surrounded by food? 

it was sad to see leif go on tuesday... the trip went by too quickly. he's back in california now, and i can't wait to go visit him! 

love you, leif! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

celebrating wednesday funday

happy 2 year anniversary 

to my sweet, precious man

matt salcito

january 18th, 2012. 

<3 , eve

Monday, January 16, 2012

lovely airboat tour

my brother leif has been in town for the past few days. for his birthday on thursday we drove southwest to coopertown(miami, homestead area). we booked a 2 hour private airboat tour which my mom, my dad, my brother eruch, leif, and i went on. as soon as we got there, we were introduced to our tour guide, regis. i introduced myself as kelly. i sat at the top of the boat next to regis and off we went. it was pretty thrilling from the start. i immediately put my sweater on and got my camera out. being in the middle of the everglades far out west was pretty cool. it had been my first time on an airboat and i was starting to take back my feelings of "why the hell does leif want to do this for his 34th birthday?" he was right on. super glad i took off work for this day spent with my family...( although it wasn't exactly complete. mani and iam should've been there, but you can't always get what you want.)

i think the best part about this tour was that we were able to actually get off the boat and walk around on two different parts of the islands. i didn't expect that whatsoever. regis was incredibly knowledgeable. he spent a lot of time talking about the history of the everglades and we even got to take a tour of an old house that hunters used to live in. and he said eisenhower hid out in this house during his presidency. it was so gross. hornets were hovering over us and the smell was... muggy.

another stop we made was on this adorable little piece of dryland. we got to take our cooler off the boat and sit on a picnic table surrounded by gorgeous banyan trees with swings. regis said that people sometimes get married there. it was really beautiful. we got to fill up on snacks and listen to more stories from regis. he said he was in the army and when he finished serving, he moved from his hometown of chicago down here to south florida where he started working for coopertown airboats. he said that being out in the wildnerness away from civilization healed and helped him from his time in the service. he said he had many spiritual moments looking up at the stars and just being at peace out in the dark. we got lucky with this one. i'm pretty sure there couldn't have been a better guide.

 we saw 4 gators during the trip. 

 and the guys got to hold a 2 year old gator

and we got a cheesy photo taken. 

then after the airboat tour leif eruch and i went to south beach. 

 we walked around the town

ate some gelato

then went to the standard hotel and spa for dinner. 

it was a really great day for leif's birthday!