Monday, August 29, 2011

newspaper nails

finally tried out newspaper nails. did it again with a nice seafoam green color. i get a lot of compliments. so easy. try it out!

 1- cut out newspaper pieces big enough to fit your nails. i've noticed using bolder fonts work better. and use black ink with a light or white backround.
2- paint your nails a light color and let them dry.
3- dip one nail at a time into vodka or rubbing alcohol then immediately press the paper on the nail firmly for atleast 30 seconds. take away the paper.
4-once all the nails are pressed with the ink, apply a top coat to seal the ink in so it won't smear. 


just wanted to share some photos from matt's birthday. we were weary about how it was going to turn out considering the "hurricane" that was supposed to come through that day, but the rain stopped at 7pm and didn't come back at all during the nite. we were able to do some grilling and spend time outside. the weather was breezy and cool and about 25 people showed throughout the nite.

just a few shots-

parties always move into the kitchen
view of outside from above

erick's smoker goin

cheetos and chattin'

end of the nite in the cool air
happy birthday!

Friday, August 19, 2011


finally starting to buy plants and flowers for the outdoors....  matt's birthday is in less than week and we're having a party so we want it to look nice. now we need some pretty string lighting! and lots of bug spray.

lastnite we sat outside and played scrabble. fun fun.

what's going on with me?

to be honest, i am not the happiest of peoples right now. i am at home way too much. work has been kinda slow, so i get put on call a lot. i'd rather be on call than sitting at the spa doing nothing, though. so what do i do when i'm home? i watch the cooking channel like it's nobody's business and i sit on the computer romanticizing about travel. i miss prague(given). i'm not gunna go into that. how about the fact that i don't have a car?  HUGE deal. i'm trying not to think about it, but i really can't afford to have a car right now. i said a while back i was learning how to drive matt's manual, but that's proven to be rather difficult for me (in particular). it's so frustrating. any time i get in the drivers seat i stall and then my left leg starts uncontrollably shaking so i have no way of actually feeling in control of driving so i freak out and start panicking. it's not good. it's really bad. how to change how i'm feeling? well i discovered on demand exercise(thanks christalyn). that's fantastic. i shove our coffee table out of the way, lay down my yoga mat, get out my weights and sweat for an hour and a half doing butt, ab, and over-all full body exercises. i am the worst at working out, let me tell you, the motivation is almost non existent, but when i push myself, i'm really glad-- when it's over. (i know that's pretty world-wide). hmm, i've been reading the same murakami book for months... it's sci-fi, not my thing, but he's my favorite author, so i keep talking myself out of just giving up on it. whatever. i ride my bike to work, finally got a bike lock. riding over the bridge is a rush. such little things in life. i'm a nervous wreck when there's too many people around, why i don't know. walking over bridges scares me, so... where was i? oh, um... i take pictures. all the time. mostly of my cat, but still. i love to cook.... but do i want to make either one of these a profession? i don't know. i need some better friends. ones that like to make an effort and text or call me to do something rather than it always being me.

enough of this rant. onto the pictures. nobody likes words!
loving 90's shows. doug is amazing.

i've let kisa outside and she is now begging to come out all the time.... if only our porch was screened in.

ordered chinese! it's been years...

matt's been working a lot of doubles at two jobs. he is amazing and comes to see me at work between jobs cause i miss him when he's gone for 12 hours.

111 point words.

i went to the beach during work. i had 3 hours in between clients, why not? 3 minutes walking distance...

kale chips. wash, dry, rip into pieces, olive oil, salt and pepper, in the oven for 20 minutes on 300. best thing ever.

ripened plantains sauteed in butter and topped with brown sugar.

went to my moms to do laundry. she made popcorn and wine spritzers. i topped the popcorn with kale chips. do it.

proud momma.

date nite drinkin half priced beers at mellow.

world of beer with friends. thanks for taking this photo behind the bar nicole!

driving home late nite with drew and matt... saw this skoda. love czech cars.

healthy yummy home lunch.


sometimes i am envious of certain families.... especially the ones with no divorce. that's hard to come by these days, and i am sure even those who aren't divorced have issues and at times may wish they were. i don't know, really. but my family is so scattered. it's ridiculous. it seems maybe that most of us these days are in good 'ol floriduh(but that won't last for much longer.) there was a time where my oldest brother leif was in califorinia(still is), my 30 year old brother iam was in colorado, my sister mani was in colorado, and my dad was in colorado/canada/ some islands/and australia. my mom has always stayed here. same with my youngest brother eruch. now... we're all here in florida, except for mani who has lived in colorado for 10 years, and leif whose been in california(and abroad)for over 13 or so. i see my dad every once and a while, who has the best mother... she is 95 and we all try to see her as much as possible. and i like to say i see my mom enough, but i don't. (that has to do with me not having a car) there have been some discrepancies lately between the heads. i mean, it's not new to any of us. when my mom and dad got divorced there were never-ending problems. then when my dad got out of prison they somehow managed to get along and work together for 4 years. then that stopped working out how it should about a year ago, and now they're not so good at this moment in time.

having dinner parties hasn't felt like much of a success lately. i think we're all at fault, though. i try to keep this family together. planning get-togethers.... and i'm sick of the moods and the bullshit that comes along wth it. i know everyone loses ground and really lets too much time pass and then things feel uncomfortable. so now when we have dinner parties, we have to separately invite the father and the mother. lame. i'm hoping that'll pass once again and we can all get together and celebrate our big gorgeous family. the other nite we had a pot luck at my moms. my mom cooked some amazing chicken and potatoes. matt and i made our favorite orzo and arugula salad along with some vegetables and homemade dip. it would've been nice to have mani and leif there, but hey, we're used to it. i think that there is so much to be forgiven for... and i think many of us hold a lot of resentment that we have trouble coming forth with about our dad. it's really troubling at times. internally.

enough of that. i just want us to all to get along, to love eachother, and just live on a massive peice of land in the middle of the best place in the world. we're workin' on it. (maybe.)

playing dominoes with nanny. she likes to kick our asses.

pot luck at moms.

really terrible photo. sorry guys.

dessert. major fruit on top of icecream.
manija was their in spirit. cutest child EVAR.

kisa obsession.

I CAPTURED THIS. and i can't stop looking at it. she is my favorite kitty in the world. and i have special reasons for it. i WISH you knew her like i did. i love you keeeeeeyyyyy-suhhhh

burger fi

you know that ever-changing restaurant on atlantic avenue and a1a? well just about a month ago a new place opened called "burgerfi" and matt and i decided to check it out last week. he got off work late, and we were both hungry, so i looked up "late nite restaurants" on atlantic avenue. burger-fi popped up and said it was open until 1am. we hit it up and are glad we did. the place is so awesome inside. it's very "industrial" looking and huge. best part? ALL the meat they use is 100% natural. no hormones, no antibiotics, and grass fed. superbbbbb. i wouldn't say their burgers are amazing... but i mean they're delicious. they brand their buns with their logo which is tight. and the buns are nice and soft. i also got the chicago dog during our 2nd visit... oh yeah! i might be getting that more often. celery salt is to die for. haha... who says that? i can't explain how much i love having pickles, tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, relish and celery salt on my hot dog. sorry. but seriously. i think their fries and onion rings are pretty good, too. still haven't tried any of their desserts. they also serve beer and wine. i think this may be a bad thing, but we live so close i won't be able to hold back from going their on the weekends when their open until 3 am.... i apologize again. whose with me?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


sometimes there's nothing better than this song and ellen.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011


I AM SKEEVED THE FUCK OUT. i just have to share something horrific. i went into my closet to put on a skirt and as i am putting the skirt on a LIVE cockroach falls from between my legs to the floor. i immedietly flipped out, dropped my skirt off and smashed the asshole with my sandal... i am so beyond disgusted. i decided to look at the inside of the skirt and low and behold... stains.. little dark stains... poop stains? OMFG. babies being born? EGGS? i don't know. so now i don't want to wear anything that is in that closet and everywhere i look now i feel like i see cockroach poop stains. i am beyond sickened and want to just hide. those asshole are taking over our apartment. STOP IT OR DIE.

lately; pictures w/ captions

orzo arugula salad(and steak). a little change up to this AMAZING recipe

got to see this sweet couple and shared some moments at chili's.

christalyn and my brother, iam, all happy and shit

beach day with catie. and jackie( not pictured.) we're going to make fridays official beach day.

the sea

crepes with matt at crepes by the sea... so awesome.

hilarious looking golf cart

my gorgeous man playing guitar

kisa loves matty

enjoying joe joe's from trader joe's. mmmmmm

tomato and mozzarela with our homegrown basil!

lastnite's dinner; brown rice with added saffron and baked organic chicken. oh and some homemade vodka lemonades.
we FINALLY bought some outdoor furniture for our deck. home depot had this on sale for 65 dollars... not too bad. now... we just need some plants and flowers.
 basil makes it look better