Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1 month away

(the ideal place to live should look like this)
unfortunatly, i'm starting to get really melancholy about moving back to the states. today hits 1 month before we head back to florida, my forever grounding-point, i guess. it seems like it's the place to "get back on my feet". still not sure where we're going to be living. i'd love to just straight up find a place for just the two of us. that would be most ideal in my world. but i guess we may settle for a room for rent, depending on who we'd be living with. picky me--- but i'm a homebody, so i like to be surrounded by people i'm comfortable around (or just my cat).  so if anyone is reading this and knows of a place for a couple that is people and/or cat-friendly, let me know ;)

i'm really going to miss europe... being so central has been incredible. i can't believe it's been 9 months already... i'm so fortunate for this experience here. i'm kind of hoping to look at florida as if i were a tourist when i get back. i need to make it more exciting, and less mundane sounding. we're going to find places we've never been before and try to appreciate it for as long as i can... whether we're there for 6 months... or 2 years. we're kind of talking a lot about school right now. i want to (finally) go to school for ASL and matt wants to go for his masters in history. and the fact that we're residents of FL obviously means it'll cost less $$$. and that usually helps out a decision, sadly. i don't really want to be tied down to a FL school for 2+ years, but it's a possibility. we'll see. we keep throwing all the west coast states out there... oregon, california.. swoon. i want to go to there.

now it's time to really think. time is flying by. where to live? need a car. can't wait to see my friends!!! ohhh, but prague, i'll miss you so much! your parks and your prices! some of my adorable students. the trams! our beautiful bedroom... the river. the castle views. the fried cheese. sighhh.

  • 9 days until paris,
  • 22 days until my mom is here and i teach my l a s t class,
  • 30 days until we fly back home.


cheryl.andrey said...

Now you have me missing California. Andrew and I want to retire there if it's not underwater by then.

Julien said...

I love this post, it's filled with true feelings and good intentions. You will rock on!