Wednesday, June 22, 2011

our neighborhood

matt and i spent the day inside, as i said before, just working on our apartment, trying to get it more organized. all our boxes are unpacked now... but whatever we don't know what to do with is sitting in our storage closet, hidden away :) just how i like it. no visible mess. that's me; i like going to sleep knowing everythings in its place and waking up seeing that everythings in its place.

the chicken stock made the whole house smell amazing. we don't know exactly what to use it for, so i put it in the freezer for now. we got a little stir crazy and decided to go out and have matt teach me how to drive stick in his golf. we went to a big open parking lot and i tried it out. it was kinda nerve wrecking cause there's so much you've got to pay attention to, and it only lasted a whole 20 minutes of lapping the parking lot before my left leg was giving out and i stalled the car like 5x. oops. well, i'll keep practicing with him. it's kinda thrilling.

afterward we went to doc's and got a rootbeer float. it had been yearssss since i did that. so delicious. then we took a walk around our neighborhood to scope it out and see what's around. took a few photos. it's so beautiful around here. i love how close we are to the intracoastal. water always makes me feel at peace.
this little worm fell on matt's neck. hope it's not poisonous.
such a nice yard.

this is right behind our street. all the yachts are so nice.

my handsome man.

now we're home prepping for dinner(sauteed tofu with garlic sesame seeds and broccoli rabe). we're having an appetizer of drunken goat cheese on ricecakes. (might've splurged at whole foods yesterday)

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Dana Richards said...

One time matt tried to teach me how to drive stick in his car and it was a disaster because I was so nervous AND it was in our neighborhood with speed bumps. It lasted about 5 minutes until a car came up behind me and then I slammed on the breaks and made him get back in the drivers seat haha oops. Hope you have better luck!!