Friday, June 17, 2011

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we went to the beach today with christalyn. it had been about a year since the last time... and it felt great! as soon as we got there we saw a shark in the water. it was small, but it freaked me out and of course i just stood on the shore and watched. i didn't want to go in after seeing that shark... at all.

things are going well. i love our apartment more and more everyday. we are going to have to wait on getting some random things (such as bookshelves) a little bit longer, though. some spaces are a bit empty, but it will do for now. catie and erick moved into the neighborhood yesterday. they are so excited, and it is so cute.

work has been slow this week. i was on call 2 days in a row with no clients and today is my day off... so 3 days off... but i think this weekend will be busy at the spa and hopefully will make up for my slow days.

here are pictures of our apartment so far.. nothing is final yet since it's only been  a week...

this is our spare bedroom. matt is going to make music in here and we're going to add some more seating and make it cute and cozy.

this is our bedroom. it's a really nice size. we only have dresser and bed so far

this is where we eat. and the built in bookshelf is our favorite.

our living room. best slanted ceilings ever. so cozy. it's like that in the bathroom too!
the cabinet space in that bathroom is adorable.

view from our kitchen window. actual kitchen pictures to come.

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Dana Richards said...

How funny! Our house has slanted ceilings with beams like that throughout also! We love it, but it's not ideal for very tall people haha visit visit visit visit!!