Tuesday, December 6, 2011

christmas jew

bought our christmas tree a week ago :) even before december rolled in. i sat in the back of the car with it. 

we put up lights on our deck :) 

these guys are solar powered. perdy cute.

got my slipper boots out. i got these a long while ago from old navy and need another pair. they're so comfy-cozy. 

can't go wrong with makin hot chocolate while decorating the tree :) 

 we added a few more lights and ornaments since this. i was worried kisa would mess with the tree but she's been really good so i actually added a bit more ornaments a little lower. 

YES, I KNOW. baseballs? footballs? AND basketballs? on my tree? i mean our tree.... haha.... i love matt too much to allow this :) but i figured we may as well both love our tree ornaments, so why not? this tree screams matt. 

 these were just supposed to be owl ornaments but since we haven't found a tree topper we liked, we figured these worked fine :) i've been trying to find a branch to perch them higher up on. 

peacock, snowflakes, and apples. weird?


 been lovin the view from the couch. :) oh florida.

man, i'm never gunna wanna take it down.
can you tell how badly i wish i lived somewhere cold again? 


Dana Richards said...

I would rather be hungry than be cold and that's saying a lot. I'll trade you for a Florida Christmas any day!

cheryl.andrey said...

You're welcome to move to Cleveland any time! : )